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Authrix is currently on development mode. Despite the huge amount of work we still have to complete in order to deliver a great system to you we would like to show you what we have done so far next year and hear your opinion. As a very special gift we offer free early access to our system for up to 20 randomly chosen people. Enter your email to be added to the draw!

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Do you think your Internet accounts are secure?

Internet accounts and passwords have become daily business for us. We login at dozens of websites without even thinking about security. Security experts advise us to choose multiple passwords and to change them periodically. As studies have shown, 73% of all Internet users don't, even though it affects their personal internet security. What about you?

Our goal is to lighten your workload and to provide you with a simple and powerful Single Sign On application. We are working on strong account security and make sure that your personal data is safe. We will help you to find a strong password and remind you to change it regularly. With Authrix you will also enjoy a fast login experience on all supported sites, which means that you no longer have to take care to remember dozens of passwords. Authrix also managed all your personal data, which means that we will notify all your webservices once your personal data changes.

Authrix also cares about your data privacy. We keep everything transparent, you may grant and revoke permissions for your personal data and review any byte of data shared with the webservices you use. We do not depend on ads, so no need to analyse your buying behaviour or other sensible personal data.

of all Internet users use passwords,
which are more than four years old
for a supercomputer to
crack a random 8 digit password

of all Internet users use duplicate
passwords for different websites
of all passwords have been
comprised by hackers already

Bullet proof concept


Security is a very important topic, espcially when storing passwords and sensitive information. That's why we at Authrix have been focusing on high security since the beginning without any limitations. We could call it "Military Encryption" or "NSA proof encryption", just because we use the same trusted and reliable encryption ciphers like everyone, but we think speaking about the facts is more professional than using random catchwords.

We use AES126-CBC, AES192-CBC and AES256-CBC encryption (depending on the account), authenticating all messages with HMACs. Every important hashing operation uses SHA512. When content is uploaded directly it will be encrypted right away. If content is being shared PGP with RSA4096 and AES+HMAC (same as above) is used for the key exchange. All messages are signed with the corresponding private and public key. PBKDF2 is used for any kind of key derivation. RSA keys are always wrapped with AES256-CBC for all accounts. RSA keys are rotated on a regular basis - Premium accounts may rotate the keys manually and set their own intervalls. API keys and user passwords are hashed with bcrypt. Individual encryption parameters may vary depending on the account type. Randomly generated keys originate from trusted random generators.

All encryption related actions happen on a dedicated encryption environment. Secure data such as RSA keys or user keys are stored separately within an own database. All Authrix databases are protected by a dedicated firewall and not accessible from the Internet. All servers use strong keys and RSA key based authentication. Communication between servers is encrypted as well.

As we need to share your data with the webservices you are using, we have to encrypt your data on our servers. When you authorize your personal data to be shared, we are using End-to-End encryption to the servers of our partners for sending the data securely. Our partners have to undergo a certain verification and validation procedure in order to be able to gather your personal data. This is how we make sure to always have a responsible contact, if something should go wrong.



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We care about your privacy. Authrix does not use any external tracking services or APIs, which are tracking your web activity. Please use the "Do not Track" feature of your browser if you do not want to be tracked on our websites. (More Info about Typekit)